BIG Adventures Kayak Photoshoot

A couple of months ago, Damian traveled to Asheville, NC to shoot for BIG adventures. As a fan of their kayaks, Damian was eager to work with the company. Stylist Tiffany accompanied him to help keep everything in order as each kayak was photographed.

All photographs were taken in their factory where the kayaks are made. It was a unique experience for Damian to be able to see how they are made and how the molds are created.

Each boat was lifted up onto a brace so that all angles could be taken along with details. Lighting was set up to get the most accurate colors.

After all the kayaks had been photographed, the images were brought back to our studio in Clearwater, Florida where they were retouched and color corrected. At Damian Sandone Photography we are a full-service studio where we offer in house retouching. This means that all of our photographs never leave our sight so that we can offer the best images possible to our clients.


BIG Adventures is a paddlesports industry leader and innovator with the Native Watercraft, Liquidlogic, and Hurricane Aquasports brands. Native Watercraft’s proprietary Propel Pedal Drive system has set the standard for pedal-driven fishing kayaks. Liquidlogic has long been a leader in whitewater, crossover, and recreational designs and Hurricane has defined the recreational lightweight kayak category. For more information on Big Adventures please visit their website by clicking here.

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