AJ Sandone

AJ Sandone



Internationally renowned 2nd generation photographer AJ Sandone has earned a solid reputation in the business, acquiring prestigious clientele both in Europe and America. A leader in implementing digital photography, AJ’s knowledgable work experience encompasses advertising, editorial, and eCommerce. 

Tasteful artistic sense combined with the innate ability to carry out creative ideas allows the execution of only professional photos. Possessing a fresh and innovative approach to each assignment, it is in AJ’s character to dedicate himself completely to the clients’ needs. It is this natural passion for the craft that constantly contributes to AJ’s charisma to work with a variety of people, and their projects. 

Whether it is his extensive travel experience for location shoots or beautifully finished domestic shots taken right in the studio, explore the eye-catching content of AJ’s photography- his work speaks for itself. 


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