Sarah Palow

Studio Manager


Sarah Palow is an award-winning jewelry designer, Haute couture embroidery designer, and fashion writer. Before moving to Asheville, she lived her fashion dream in Paris, France for over 5 years. While she was there, she earned a certificate in Haute Couture Beadwork and Embroidery from Lesage (an atelier owned by Chanel) and attended Paris fashion week to shoot street style photography and write for international publications. Sarah now manages Sandone Studios and is Damian’s photographer representative.

When she is not at the photography studio you can find her creating embroidered accessories or teaching classes in Haute Couture Beadwork and Embroidery throughout the US and Canada. You can find information on her classes by clicking here. 

Her work has been seen on celebrities in Europe and the US, the runways at Vancouver fashion week, and even on Vogue Italia! She would love to share her knowledge about the world of Haute Couture with you, and help to keep the industry alive! So please take some time to enjoy her blog, here


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